A, puliqi join.
Tianjin puliqi Technology Development Co., Ltd was incorporated in 2006, the company covers an area of 2000 square meters, the company legal person: Du Guoqiang, registered more than 60 employees, the company headquarters is located in the address: Tianjin City Huayuan hi tech Industrial Zone, is named after the State Science and Technology Commission of Science and technology enterprises, our company is a production and sales of rehabilitation equipment, rehabilitation of cerebral palsy cerebral palsy rehabilitation training, teaching as one of the Integrated Company. The company's production and sales of equipment are independent intellectual property rights, access to national invention patent products and access to the Tianjin Municipal Food and Drug Administration issued a medical device production license of medical rehabilitation equipment. Products are divided into: four series of basic training equipment, walking training equipment, Jiao Jiao Jiao training equipment, electric training equipment. These devices are used in the face of family and medical rehabilitation units. Over the past few years, our company has made use of the high and new technology of rehabilitation, and continuously research and innovation, so that the equipment has played a positive role in the rehabilitation of cerebral palsy!
In recent years, the rehabilitation center has accepted a total of children with cerebral palsy from home and abroad more than 2000, these children have achieved the rehabilitation effect in different degree, continuously created a miracle of rehabilitation! To the children who once received rehabilitation training in puliqi, will soon see the effect of rehabilitation in patients with mild general can persist as long as the training for a period of time, can reach a standard rehabilitation puliqi (close to standard normal children). Puliqi Rehabilitation Center for several years running, won the majority of the children's love, get the majority of parents praise, won wide attention, municipal government and society from all walks of life at home and abroad rehabilitation community played a sensational positive effect.
"Puliqi" striding forward to the new and higher goal, with the occupation morals, wisdom, power man spirit, culture and selfless pay to remove the difficulties of travel, family scheduling problem solving disturbance of cerebral palsy, bring hope to the world a dream come true for children with cerebral palsy!
Two, joining the application form
Three, to join the rules
1, the basic conditions of the franchisee
1) quality conditions: good character, love the cause of rehabilitation, caring, patient. With the spirit of cooperation with the overall situation, the spirit of helping others to give, but also have the courage to climb enterprising temperament.
2) technical conditions: have participated in or are engaged in cerebral palsy rehabilitation work, a better understanding of the status quo of cerebral palsy rehabilitation, there is a certain degree of knowledge, priority.
3) credit conditions: its own funds more than 300 thousand yuan (not including its own site) no misdeeds in past operations, a government issued credit reward is preferred.
4) unified VI, unified price, unified management, unified service
2, joining process
In order to ensure that the franchisee can master the operation method of a system in a short period of time in the business after joining puliqi puliqi, for each franchisee for the following procedures: fill in the application form, the company qualification, sign the training agreement, a week of intensive training for franchisees, the assessment by the end of the training to be qualified, signed a franchise agreement. In joining the operation of the business, the company in a timely manner to join the franchise business analysis, timely response to the program to solve the problem of franchisees. The full-time staff of the head office shall keep in close contact with the franchisee in a timely manner, and keep abreast of the franchisee's sales, so as to ensure that the benefits of each store in the normal operation.
Companies to join the business to provide the three insurance is: the vitality of the product + personalized tracking service + successful operation mode.
3, join support
Puliqi six operating system
A standard franchise system
Two, improve the training guidance system
Three, vertical service support system
Four, fast logistics support system
Five, efficient operation management system
Six, a unified brand management system
4, to join the advantage
1, the right to use the "puliqi" brand honor.
2, enjoy "puliqi" all products management rights.
3, the legitimate use of unified brand and corporate visual system.
4, enjoy the company's promotional programs.
5, the company has a variety of professional rehabilitation training and guidance.
6, enjoy the priority of new products.
7, enjoy the protection of the company's regional policy, and strict market management system, to ensure that customer sources and market interests.
8, proprietary "puliqi cerebral palsy rehabilitation teaching materials" and "video guide CD" rights infringement professional lawyer team of business, let you more income rights guarantee.
5, join protection clause
1) restrictions on the number of stores in the same area:
The distance between the shop and the store is greater than 5 km
2) priority clause:
The same city in advance to join the business in the city to open second stores priority, when there are other franchisees in the same city to join, the company will promptly notify the previous franchisee.
3) change, return clause
The unsalable products franchisee can request a replacement, replacement products (except in replacement) stores the backlog of no more than 3 months, does not affect the two sales, can be equivalent to a replacement. Franchisee for a variety of reasons can not continue to operate, the company returns the implementation of the contract.
4) annual sales requirement
Business puliqi franchisees, according to the region and join category will have their annual sales (see
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