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——Pattern: by the letter PLQ photos, meaning - injured swan from here off again ——Meaning: the children of the world will be able to get power, to create miracles!
Organization: production business units: Tianjin puliqi Technology Development Co. Ltd.
Public institutions: Tianjin puliqi center of rehabilitation of children with cerebral palsy
A, Tianjin puliqi Technology Development Co., Ltd.
(a) Company: Tianjin puliqi Technology Development Co., Ltd. is located in Tianjin Huayuan hi tech Industrial Park, established in 2006, is a high-tech private high-tech enterprises, small and medium enterprises in Tianjin. Mainly R & D, production, sales of medical rehabilitation equipment, fitness equipment. The products are independent intellectual property rights, a total of more than 20 national patent products. Company size: more than 30 employees, the production office area: 1000 plane, company under the Department: R & D, production workshop, assembly workshop, production department, marketing department, sales department, sales department, office etc.. Annual production value of about 10 million yuan.
(two) Product Description: the product is suitable for the elderly cardiovascular sequelae, traumatic sequelae, cerebral palsy and other children with physical disabilities. Such products are the first, in many years of clinical use has played a positive role, well received by users at home and abroad and praise. The equipment is divided into two series: basic training and functional training. The basic training materials are divided into 3 categories: strength training, flexible training, and orthopedic training. The basic functions of the functional training equipment are divided into the following categories: the basic function, the step correction, the walking training, and the 3 kinds of training.
Two, Tianjin puliqi center of rehabilitation of children with cerebral palsy
(1) center of Tianjin puliqi rehabilitation of children with cerebral palsy center is located in Tianjin Huayuan hi tech Industrial Park, in the 2006 trial operation, formally established in 2008. Belonging to the civil affairs bureau. Center size: more than 20 employees, the central area: 500 square meters, the center under the Department: training department, inpatient department, training department, the Department of the Department, logistics department. Average annual counseling and training for more than 1000 children with cerebral palsy. In the past 10 years, the center has accepted a total of from around the country and Denmark, India, Oman, Singapore and other overseas countries in more than 10000 children with cerebral palsy, rehabilitation miracle have been born, by the children's parents love and praise, they have a common aspiration: to their city, their country there are "puliqi".
(two) puliqi rehabilitation technology: Du Guoqiang original "puliqi rehabilitation therapy" treatment, divided into 3 parts: 1, standard: "symptoms of cerebral palsy rehabilitation puliqi type and grade evaluation standard", "standard", grade puliqi single symptom "puliqi rehabilitation standard". 2, training: according to the "puliqi training program" is divided into: strength training, training, training, training subjects such as orthopedic function. 3, setting massage: adaptation: muscle relaxation, joint loosening, nerve combing, bone reduction, in addition to training before and after the massage on foot, ankle, tip is not the sole, inside and outside, the length of the leg deformity play a corrective role.
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